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The future of your business relies on innovation today

Grow your business with easy-to-use innovation tools, that work.

Is the pace of business moving faster than your people can keep up with? Stop playing catch-up. With the right innovation skills in your organisation, you’ll be leading the pack.

Fostering a culture of innovation allows new inspired ideas to flow through your organisation. Innovation can come in many forms - stronger collaboration, better problem solving and continuous improvement. 

Stronger Collaboration
Break down silos and create opportunities for teams to meet and connect with others, promoting a free flow of information and ideas across the organisation.
Solve Complex
Develop the skills and confidence required to apply creative problem-solving to challenges big and small. Get to more effective solutions smoother and faster.
Continuous Improvement
When it’s done right, innovation and agile thinking is not a one-off event. They become the foundation of continuous improvement. You’ll just keep getting better.

Three ways we'll help you disrupt business as usual:

Our innovation programs will help you discover new strategies to come up with bold ideas, and turn them into clear, actionable steps that will ensure your business stays at the forefront.

Working Harder Isn't The Answer. It's Time To Work Smarter.

The business world is accelerating fast around you. Everyday your people face high levels of uncertainty, volatility, complexity and change. Without the practical skills needed to innovate, businesses experience:

  • People with exceptional technical skills getting stuck in a rut

  • Current culture extinguishing new ideas

  • Business strategy that maintains the status quo and lacks ambition

  • A “Business as usual” mindset as the norm

  • Missed opportunities from responding slowly to challenges and opportunities

  • Competition threatening, challenging and overtaking

But that's not how it has to be. If you’re a business that’s able to quickly pivot and adapt, the marketplace is bursting with opportunities.
Like you, our clients had been looking for ways to radically cut waste, drive huge business savings, and develop game-changing (and profit-making) ideas. Neon's innovation programs have helped our clients to do all of that – and more.

Group project assembly

Your journey to world-class leaders and teams starts today

Find out why major global brands and experienced leaders trust us with developing their people and capability. Book a complimentary 15 minute call, it might be the most impactful call you make this year.

Growth through innovation

We help organisation’s like yours who are ready to improve the way they do business, tackle big challenges, and increase revenue and growth in the process. 


Neon's innovation programs will show you how to access the untapped creativity, ideas, efficiency gains and revenue hidden in your business.

  • Transform your product line and find new ways to go to market

  • Identify waste and create new efficiencies in ways of working

  • Break down silo's and create strong collaboration

  • Disrupt your 'business as usual' mindset

  • Make agile ways of working a daily reality, not just an aspiration

  • Create a culture where innovation and creativity thrive

  • Transform your attitude towards risk and failure

  • Turn disruption into your advantage

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Who is this for

Who is this for

Who is this for

Our innovation programs are ideal for

  • Individual departments (HR, Finance, Marketing etc)

  • Organisation-wide culture change embracing innovation

  • Business Improvement/Efficiency teams

  • Project teams

  • Team away days/retreats

  • Problem solving/decision making/ideation sessions

  • Leadership teams

  • Leaders without a title. Those who are stepping up to positively influence people, situations and outcomes (or you would like them to).

Choose an experience that works for your business

Our in-house learning experiences come in 3 clever formats.
In person and online options available. Simply choose the right one for you.

Light the Fuse
1–2 hour workshops 

Spark curiosity. Simple, practical skills to apply. Interactive. Kick-start the journey. 

Rocket Fuel.jpg

Rocket Fuel
Half-day, or full day workshops

Inspirational. Fuelled up to go further, faster. New insights about how to use the tools to do more. Discover more advanced tactics and strategies. Take ownership.


Big Bang
30, 60, 90 day programs (Integrated in the flow of work)

Deeply embed behaviour change. Creating space to learn. Developing greater confidence when handling more advanced skills. More time for practice and experiential learning. 


Creative Working

Out Manoeuvre Your Competition

Businesses who fail to innovate in the right areas will decline, and eventually become obsolete. But for organisations with a fully equipped workforce, the opportunities are endless.


Neon's customisable innovation programs will give you the tools you need to develop bold new ideas, cut costs, and drive efficiency.


With a clear, easy to use toolkit you'll be ready to accelerate growth and revenue in your organisation. Not as a one-off, but repeatably and sustainably into the future.

Working Together

Words from our clients


“We were going through a huge cultural transformation and innovation and agility was one of the areas we wanted to help our people develop. The program was entirely relevant to our specific challenges and designed in a way that was engaging, creative and most importantly practical. Neon did such a great job they are now part of our key delivery and development team.”

Sian Prigg, Senior Learning Consultant, Opel Vauxhall Finance

"This program stopped people being limited by what they already know, or by the realms of reality. They were able to think completely differently – without any restrictions.”

Ian Turner, Former Global Learning and Development Business Partner, Specsavers

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7 Ways to Innovate in Learning (and beyond)

Get instant access to 7 of our best innovation strategies FOR FREE 

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Identify exactly where to find hidden opportunities for innovation in your organisation, and discover how to unlock their maximum potential. 

This guide will show you:
  • 3-steps to create an innovation culture.

  • How thinking 10x created the world's youngest self-made Billionaire.

  • How one of our clients saved hundreds of hours and thousands of $$$ with one simple innovation hack.

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