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Bite size leadership and teamwork workshops that help you break the mould

60-minute LIVE online workshops that instantly build your team’s capability and performance

Tackle some of the toughest issues that teams and leaders face

Each of our specifically designed workshops will give your team the most effective skills and practical tools to tackle big issues head on. These interactive workshops are run privately for your team in a live online environment - which makes it easy for your team to make time and jump on.    

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Choose just one topic, or mix and match a few to create your own learning journey.

Our most in-demand workshops

Our online bite size (60 min) training workshops are perfect for busy leaders and teams who want to continue their professional development. They are run privately for up to 12 team members at at time of your choice.  

FAST Collaboration

You're convinced it’s true – with the right frameworks in place your team could work together even more effectively, at a faster pace. Accelerate your team’s collective power by learning and growing together. Deploy these 4 must-do’s for world-class team collaboration and high performance. 

•    Collaboration
•    Communication
•    Working smarter


Navigating the challenges of life and work can feel overwhelming if you don't have the right toolkit. Unshakeable gives you a robust playbook for building your resilience, adaptability and endurance. Get the tools and insights you need to stay positive under pressure, and pursue your biggest goals with confidence.

•    Resilience
•    Wellbeing
•    Fuelling ambition

High-Velocity Decisions

Modern work involves constant decision-making, ranging in importance from inconsequential to mission-critical. Your ability to make quality decisions at pace is one of the most important skills you can master.

•    Decision-making
•    Regret minimisation
•    Working smarter

Handling Tricky Conversations

Build the confidence you need to have open and constructive conversations with colleagues, customers, peers and team members. Yes, even when the topic is tough and the person is prickly.

•    Emotional intelligence
•    Communication
•    Team work

Highly Effective Distributed Teams

There is no going back. We work in the age of physical distance, fluid work locations and hyper-connectivity. This poses a range of challenges, but also unique opportunities for forward-looking teams. Distance doesn’t have to mean disconnection, and flexibility needn’t impact productivity. 

Learn together how you can collaborate more effectively and multiply your impact as a distributed team.

•    High performance teams
•    Collaboration
•    Communication

Your constraints create the shape and size of your canvas. Got a deadline in the next 30 mins? That’s the size of your canvas. New business priorities? That’s the size of your canvas. New competitor beat you to market? That’s the size of your canvas. 

You don’t always get to choose the size and shape of what you’re working with. But you can choose how creatively you respond to your constraints.

•    Creative thinking
•    Innovation
•    New ideas from outside the box

Building team success with Psychological Safety

Get to grips with the fundamentals of what psychological safety is (and what it is not).

Discover what it takes to make your team feel safe enough to thrive and do their best work. And find out why it’s one of the biggest levers for high-performance that you can pull.

Learn strategies you can use as a leadership team to increase psychological safety across your organisation immediately, so you can start enjoying the rewards right away.

•    High-performance teams
•    Team work
•    Leadership

Empowerment & Delegation

How your business views empowerment and delegation has a direct impact  on everything, from the success of your projects, to succession planning, employee retention, developing talent, and how you share ideas, skills and know-how. It has a vital role in maintaining quality, values, standards and compliance across teams too.

Suffice to say, creating a cultural of empowerment is paramount to the ongoing growth and success of your team and organisation. Are your leaders letting go of enough of the right things, and empowering their teams in the right way?

•    Developing others
•    Productivity and time management
•    Leadership

How Big is Your  Canvas?

Who is this for

These live online workshops are ideal for anyone wanting to give their people access to quality bite-size professional development, quick wins and tools for high performance. 

  • Distributed and hybrid teams

  • Senior Leadership teams and Executive Groups

  • Graduate programs

  • Frontline sales/customer support/service staff

  • Whole teams

  • FIFO/Mine workers

  • Managers and supervisors

Working from Home

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