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Lead with Confidence and Impact

We deliver tailor made leadership development programs for your organisation

Being a great leader is not easy and it's not intuitive... but it can be learned.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time manager or a seasoned exec, we understand that the fast-changing dynamics of business require you to be on top of your game.

On any given day a leader faces a range of complex challenges (and rarely one at a time):​

Without a clear plan, leadership can feel like a cocktail of trial and error, not knowing which move will lead to success, or failure. Yet figuring out the answers yourself could take a lifetime. We get it. If you're done with the "trial and error" approach, then you're ready to get ahead. We'll show you how.

Business and commercial demands


Busy-ness and overwhelm

Team members needing support 

The desire for promotion

Personal doubts

Imposter syndrome

Burnout, stress and anxiety

Better business outcomes begin with inspiring and impactful leadership.

Neon Leadership gives you a clear blueprint for your own personal leadership success, so you can operate at your absolute best – fast. With the right tools and support, you will see your leadership capability reach and exceed all of your goals and ambitions.
Here’s how to get started on your journey:

Craft what success looks like
Every leader has a personal style and organisations have different definitions for success. Our programs are tailored to be hyper-relevant, working on real issues and solving real problems. 
Level up your leadership
Master the Neon Leadership framework which focuses on four key areas you need to develop to succeed as a leader. Learn the strategies and practice the skills in our interactive sessions and receive live feedback. 
Experience better outcomes
When you can stop worrying about HOW to lead effectively, you are free to focus on raising the game of those around you.  Great leadership leads to better outcomes for people, projects and profit.
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Your journey to world-class leaders and teams starts today

Find out why major global brands and experienced leaders trust us with developing their people and capability. Book a complimentary 15 minute call, it might be the most impactful call you make this year.

Uncertainty about how to lead your team and projects makes it difficult to get the right results. It doesn’t need to be that way.
Neon's leadership programs enable your people to lead with confidence, clarity and impact. Their positive impact will be felt within teams, influences the culture and propels business results. 

Business Presentation

Leadership is about clarity

Who is this for

Our leadership programs are ideal for

  • Emerging Leaders / Future Leaders

  • First time managers

  • Frontline Leaders and supervisors

  • Project leaders

  • High-Potentials

  • Middle managers

  • Executive Groups

  • Leaders without a title. Those who are stepping up to positively influence people, situations and outcomes (or you would like them to).

Choose an experience that works for your business

Our in-house learning experiences come in 3 clever formats.
In person and online options available. Simply choose the right one for you.

Light the Fuse
1–2 hour workshops 

Spark curiosity. Simple, practical skills to apply. Interactive. Kick-start the journey. 

Rocket Fuel.jpg

Rocket Fuel
Half-day, or full day workshops

Inspirational. Fuelled up to go further, faster. New insights about how to use the tools to do more. Discover more advanced tactics and strategies. Take ownership.


Big Bang
30, 60, 90 day programs (Integrated in the flow of work)

Deeply embed behaviour change. Creating space to learn. Developing greater confidence when handling more advanced skills. More time for practice and experiential learning. 


Creative Working

Hear from our clients

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 1.37.44 pm.png
“Many management training courses can feel dated. This felt relevant and contemporary.”

Andy, Campaigns Manager, DBG

“Of all the courses I have been on I can see how I can apply this, and the value I feel it can bring to the team.”

Vicky, Head of Digital, Spec Savers

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 1.36.25 pm.png
“Clear your mind – be prepared to reflect on your own management styles. Concentrate on the subject matter – there is so much to learn here no matter what your experience level.”

Simon, Head of Buying, Matalan
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