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Build Unshakeable resilience, adaptability and endurance

Experience our tried-and-tested blueprint that optimises your capability

Navigating the challenges of life and work can feel overwhelming if you don't have the right toolkit

Unexpected events derail you, you waste time dealing with setbacks and regret and you feel uncertain about your future. And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling overwhelmed.

Neon’s Unshakeable program equips leaders and teams with proven science-backed strategies for developing personal resilience so they can be at their best. 

The 7 domains of an Unshakeable life

At the heart of an Unshakeable life are 7 science-backed domains that when optimised result in increased wellbeing, confidence, engagement and motivation.

Break down silos. Create opportunities to meet and connect with others, promoting a free flow of information and ideas across the organisation.
Get to solutions quicker with smarter decision making and effective problem solving.
Build your capacity with a trusted and life-enhancing support network.
Smooth out the bumps in the road by mastering your money.
Discover how to have more energy, so you can live your best life.
Break down silos. Create opportunities to meet and connect with others, promoting a free flow of information and ideas across the organisation.
Learn how to thrive and experience life to the full with greater clarity of mind.
Increase your impact by aligning the story of your life to an inspiring mission.
Accelerate your momentum with personal breakthroughs and ever increasing self-mastery.

When you optimise the 7 key domains of your life, you’ll not only feel confident in your resilience game plan – you’ll actually enjoy a truly fulfilling life again.

Your journey to world-class leaders and teams starts today

Find out why major global brands and experienced leaders trust us with developing their people and capability. Book a complimentary 15 minute call, it might be the most impactful call you make this year.


Give your leaders the strength they need to conquer more

As a leader, there's pressure to be everything to everyone. You’re supposed to be a strong visionary, a strategist and a stellar people leader. Oh don’t forget to check on your key metrics, by the way. Also should you be more focussed on your goals and family? It’s exhausting to think about.

Unshakeable exists to eliminate “leadership overwhelm” by giving you a simple plan you can follow to optimize your life for enjoyment and impact.

We're the trusted partner you can count on when it comes to growing your resilience. That’s why the frameworks within our seven domains are focused on your goals, proven and easy to implement. 

In our Unshakeable program we help you navigate the seven domains essential to building your resilience. You’ll quickly see which parts are working well and which parts are holding you back.

From there, you’ll create a personal plan that will help you implement the frameworks and take your life, leadership and career to the next level.

Imagine how good it will feel to be confident in your plan for your money, health, relationships, goals and living with purpose. No more guessing. No more overwhelm. Just a whole lot of confidence in your ability to build an Unshakeable life.

The story that started it all

"When I was diagnosed with a serious chronic illness it was the hardest time of my life. Yet the toughest challenge I ever faced became my greatest teacher.

This life event sent me on a quest to discover the best teachers and strategies in the world so I could have a game plan.


I have used it time and time again to overcome major life setbacks and find a positive way through adversity. It's no exaggeration to say this discovery has been totally life changing.


This blueprint will give you a clear plan to set up huge reserves of resilience, so you are ready to face anything, and live a life that is fulfilling, enriching and unshakeable."


Charlie Blake, Founder of Neon Leadership.

Who is this for

Who is this for

Our Unshakeable program is ideal for

  • Graduate programs

  • Frontline sales/customer support/service staff

  • Whole teams

  • FIFO/Mine workers

  • Managers and supervisors

  • Senior Leadership teams and Executive Groups

  • Organisation-wide wellbeing and mental health events

  • Ongoing wellbeing programs

Choose an experience that works for your business

Our in-house learning experiences come in 3 clever formats.
In person and online options available. Simply choose the right one for you.

Light the Fuse
1–2 hour workshops 

Spark curiosity. Simple, practical skills to apply. Interactive. Kick-start the journey. 

Rocket Fuel.jpg

Rocket Fuel
Half-day, or full day workshops

Inspirational. Fuelled up to go further, faster. New insights about how to use the tools to do more. Discover more advanced tactics and strategies. Take ownership.


Big Bang
30, 60, 90 day programs (Integrated in the flow of work)

Deeply embed behaviour change. Creating space to learn. Developing greater confidence when handling more advanced skills. More time for practice and experiential learning. 


Creative Working
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